Course In Development

Hey! You have stumbled upon a training course I am in the process of building. The course will be focused on how to make incredible content that your audience will love.

As such, there isn't much to see here other than the course curriculum as I build it.

If you would like to learn more, I recommend you drop me an email.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Our Approach To Content

    • Five Key Goals - Cheatsheet

    • Five Key Mistakes - Cheatsheet

    • Choosing Mediums and Platforms

    • Platform Recommendations

    • Choosing Your Audiences

    • Major and Minor Audiences Worksheet

    • Audience Persona Worksheet

    • Defining Audiences Quiz

  • 2

    Content Medium Configuration and Optimizations

    • Introduction

    • Setting Up a Blog

    • Blog Setup Quiz

    • Setting Up YouTube

    • YouTube Setup Quiz

    • Setting Up a Podcast

    • Podcast Setup Quiz

    • Setting Up Social Media

    • Social Media Setup Quiz

    • Setting Up Webinars

    • Webinar Setup Quiz

    • Setting Up Email

    • Email Setup Quiz

  • 3

    Creating Your Content Workflow

    • Creating Your Editorial Schedule and Calendar

    • Hands On: Editorial Calendar

    • Editorial Calendar Templates

    • Brainstorming and Selecting Content Ideas

    • Content Ideas

    • Finding and Rewarding Content Creators

    • Hiring Content Creators

    • Content Creator Candidates Worksheet

    • Content Creator Persona Worksheet

    • Designing Your Content Workflow

    • Hands On: Content Workflow Examples

    • Content Workflow Worksheet

  • 4

    Creating and Promoting Your Content

    • Introduction

    • Blog Content Best Practices

    • Blogging Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Hands On: Creating Blog Posts

    • YouTube Best Practices

    • YouTube Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Hands On: Creating YouTube Videos

    • Social Media Best Practices

    • Social Media Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Hands On: Creating Social Media Content

    • Podcasting Best Practices

    • Podcasting Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Hands On: Creating Podcasts

    • Webinar Best Practices

    • Hands On: Creating Webinars

    • Webinar Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Email Content Best Practices

    • Hands On: Creating Emails and Content

    • Email Content Best Practices Cheatsheet

    • Promoting Your Content

  • 5

    Building Efficiency

    • Measuring How Effective Your Content Is

    • Repurposing and Reamplifying

    • That's a Wrap!