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Now, before we head over to the checkout, I just want to provide an additional offer for you to consider.

This might sound like marketing BS, but I don't normally offer 1-on-1 consultation for single sessions. They are a hassle to deal with invoicing.

I thought I would experiment with it here though (as the admin is taken care of by my course platform.)

As such, here is an opportunity where we can get together for a full hour to discuss YOUR specific needs.

Want me to review your resume and provide input? No problem!

Want to ask specific questions about what your next career steps should be? No problem!

Want to practice the interview, get feedback, and make refinements? No problem!

Something else? No problem!

This is time dedicated to you and we can use it however you prefer.

This is available for $349, which is much lower than my usual hourly rate. 

Importantly, this will be your final price. The $349 includes full access to the course. This provides over $500 in savings.

Please note: there are LIMITED SLOTS available for this and you may need to be flexible in terms of when our call is scheduled, especially if you are based in a non-USA timezone (I am in California.)

Add a 1-on-1 Session

Available for $349
(includes the full course)